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Paws Up for the Standard Poodle

A real show-off

This is the pawfect breed to fully immerse yourself into the beauty of dog showing! With her impressive hairdo and regal attitude, Aissa, an eight year old standard poodle appears like a sophisticated lady…dog.  But forget about your misconceptions, this one of a kind breed is way more than just about polished grooming and girly looks.

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About the Standard Poodle

Here are some important facts you need to know about the oh-so-lovable standard poodle.  

  • Strong, agile and thoughtful, this dog has a lot to offer.
  • Trainable and talented - He’s one of the smartest dog and responds to positive obedience methods. He needs challenging games and some kind of mental stimulation to be happy.
  • A dandy at heart, he will always show his appreciation after a good toilette session has been completed. 
  • Nature – he’s a clown, he gives amusement and devotion to his owner, he is able to learn quickly and enjoys to show off. Also extremely versatile and exceling in obedience.
  • Daily exercise – The energy level varies from moderate to high and need some good vigorous play session to keep them calm indoors.
  • Athletes – They move with a light and springy gait. They excel in jumping skills and agility competitions. Could live both in the city or country side.
  • Regular grooming is essential. The coat (called hair not fur) doesn’t shed. The grooming is not too difficult once it’s a mature coat. Should be brushed every week and bathed every couple of weeks.
  • Dislikes being alone, they need a daily companionship and can suffer for separation anxiety if left alone too much.
  • Peace and harmony - They can get upset if there is too much activity or conflict around your household.
  • Origin of the name - the name Poodle comes from the German ‘pudle’ meaning “To splash out”
  • One breed, three sizes - Toy, miniature and standard.
  • Dog-friendly? They are usually peaceful and accepting with other pets. With humans, some of them might have protective instinct but this is not an aggressive breed.
  • Loving - Fantastic as a pet, very good with children. Just a bit energetic, you better watch the dog not to knock the child over.
  • Elegant, friendly and high spirited they make an ideal companion.

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