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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier? A Real Softy!

Tough Staffie love

To many the breed has become associated with the image of an aggressive and scary fighting dog. But in truth the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT) is none of these things!

So if you cross the road at the sight of a Staffie towards you, watch our video and read more about this gentle and loving breed with quotes from some owners and breeders that will clear up any misconceptions you might have!

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Temperament? Easy-going and willing to learn!

Training is very important right from a puppy, as it is with any breed.  Staffies have been known to excel at obedience, agility and flyball – in fact they’ll pretty much do anything for their owners, given the right training and lots of love and praise. Despite their historical connection with fighting, part of their charm is that Staffies look “tough” but their real inner beauty and soft temperament will steal your heart!

Staffies are also known as "the nanny dog"

They have a solid reputation to be a great family dog and their genuine love for children and protective nature is well-known. They literally "thrive when there's children around".

“They just love people so whatever you’re doing, they’ll want to do.”

They enjoy a family life, so if the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has been raised with love and within a happy household they thrive! This loyal breed just long to be around their family, in fact they are more likely to want to cover you in kisses than be aggressive! 

Easy to feed and no grooming required

“They’re just so easy to keep!”

They are very easy to feed and are generally not a “fussy” breed when it comes to food. They haven’t got long hair and don’t shed as much as some other breeds. And regarding their routine in the great outdoors, whilst regular exercise is mandatory, they will walk as far as or as little you want them to go – but should be exercised twice a day to prevent boredom setting in!  We couldn’t ask for more, could we!?

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