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The Canadian Eskimo, FANTAR-TIC dog!

A legendary winter goer

Sad summer is over? Well here’s a breed that will find a million wonders in the winter season and the frozen scenery!  Bred in the most hostile lands of Canada, the Canadian Eskimo dog proved popular amongst the Inuit community who called them “Qimmit”, the Inuit word for dog!

The Canadian Eskimo dog is thought to have been resident of the North American continent for the last 4000 years but most of us know very little about this breed that only gained recognition in the UK in 2000. Fascinated about this anything but ordinary canine pal? No need to move to Alaska just yet - here is your must-read before owning one.

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The oldest purebred indigenous dog

The Canadian Eskimo is a brave and historical breed! With very high energy, it was mainly bred for pulling sleds but also hunting seals and polar bears. However, as times change some breed’s popularity can vary due to latest trends and others because of their loss of function. In 1920 there were probably 20,000 Canadian Eskimo dogs in Canada, but then snowmobiles replaced sleds and nowadays the breed is considered rare.

Did you know the Canadian Eskimo Dog…

  • Can pull twice his weight
  • Takes pure delight in cold weather
  • Can survive in extremely cold conditions
  • Tend to have a weak immune system as historically canine diseases don’t survive in temperatures below zero
  • Lives on average up to 14 years
  • Is bigger than the Husky but lighter than the Malamute
  • Has any eyes colour except blue like the Husky
  • May be in danger of extinction

More of a working breed than a domestic pet

Like most of the Northern breeds, he’s sturdy, has pricked ears, a thick double coat and a tail that curls over the back in typical Husky fashion. Wild and independent  but yet fun and exciting if you keep him/her active, however they can be destructive if left alone for long periods.

Looking for a lapdog or couch potato canine fellow? Living in a flat and can’t be asked for more than a daily walk? Stay away from this breed! This 60-105 pounds of thick coat and tough skin will find happiness in an rural and active family driven by adventure.  However, they are affectionate, hard-working, gentle and brave and can develop an intense bond with their owner.

Keeping the dog active? Be inventive!

The message couldn’t be clearer; the breed has energy to burn and is well suited for intense outdoor living! But since the UK’s snow level and dog-sledding’s popularity is nowhere near that of Greenland’s what type of activities can your Canadian Eskimo Dog perform here? From Agility and Canicross - the sport of cross-country running with dogs - to bikejoring and dog scootering - where the bike replaces the snow sled - options are endless! But take heed, if you want a dog for gentle strolls and low-key activity this isn’t the breed for you!

One last thing - Be the boss!

Do you have what it takes to own a Canadian Eskimo dog? You must be a leader and take control! Because of the dog’s size, strength and potential stubbornness, it can make training a challenge! Be persistent as intelligence is one of its main characteristic so the rewards will be great.

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