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The Giant Schnauzer - Snazzy!

Why choose a standard portion pooch when you can have a giant one?!

Calling all the larger dog lovers, introducing the largest of the three Schnauzer breeds - the Giant Schnauzer. A big dog with a big personality - the Giant Schnauzer can at first glance seem stern and commanding, however, his serious demeanour is belied by the twinkle in his eyes hinting at their real playfulness.

Part of the Working Group, read what it’s like to live with this heroic breed and watch the breeder and owner of two Giant Schnauzers waxing lyrical about being “very proud to own such a nice breed”.

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Dogs of distinction

His wiry coat will be number one on your pampering to do list - requiring a brush a few times a week to prevent matting of the soft undercoat. Despite minimal shedding, Giant Schnauzers do need a visit to the groomer every 6 to 8 weeks to keep the iconic Schnauzery look and expression. Alternatively, a DIY grooming could be rewarding and a great way to bond with your Giant soon-to-be dog of distinction.

Highly intelligent, he can learn anything! And there’s no limit to the capabilities of a well-trained Giant Schnauzer: obedience, agility and herding are among the endless list of abilities he has! At times a challenging but highly rewarding breed!

Playtime and walkies

He’s not a fabled gentle giant but an energetic, highly intelligent and hard-working dog. Don’t let him getting bored and his wonderful mind got to waste, give him a job to do and train him well. Also take him for good walks or jogging sessions as they will need at least an hour of good quality exercise a day, it’s time to get fit with your dog!

Socialisation is a must!

In general the Giant Schnauzer has a loving and kind temperament, however, they can be a stubborn breed and have a natural protective guarding instinct so early socialisation is a must to ensure good interactions with other dogs and humans alike. A well-balanced Giant Schnauzer comes with meeting other dogs and people at a very young age.

Kids-friendly but be careful around toddlers

Known as quite a tolerant breed, they can be great family dogs. However, they can be boisterous and playful, so care has to be taken to not allow too much rough-and-tumble play with kids! 

Good guard dogs

Originally used to drive cattle to the markets in Germany, he re-emerged in towns and cities as a guard dog. Most of them are watchful with strangers and committed in protecting their home. Apartments are not the ideal dwelling for the Giant Schnauzer as they need space to run and play, so a garden is recommended.

Lap dog. Really?

As long as you give him some daily mental stimulation and vigorous exercise; he will be calm and happy to be sitting around the house too. He may be an imposing dog but he has a loving side and will also enjoy a nice sit on your lap. After all the Giant Schnauzer’s favourite activity is to be with the people he loves.

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