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We Heart the Hovawart

Wonder of the world

Golden Retriever? Rottweiler? German Shepherd? Think again… This is DJ, a wonderful HOVAWART, and also a Dutch champion! Originally bred by German barons, he’s been known for many centuries as a guard dog.

New to the breed? Here are 3 main reasons why you should come meet this charming canine at Discover Dogs who is sure to steal your heart on the spot.

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#1: Beauty but no beast

Swoon over his oh-so glowing appearance; soft dropping ears, gentle smile and sleek coat. But don’t be mistaken, the Hovawart has got bigger ambitions than being your next pretty and fluffy friend. So beware beginner owners, this is an active dog with consistent training needs!

#2: Strong & unique

They're a pretty healthy breed and often live to a great age of 14 or 15. However, potential new owners should be aware that they can suffer from hip dysplasia. It is mandatory for Kennel Club Assured Breeders to carry out the BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme test on any dogs they breed from to indicate the likeness of any puppies inheriting the issue. It is also recommended for all breeders, so if you are considering this breed you should ask to see the test results. If you want to know more why don’t you come talk to expert at Discovers Dogs

#3: The hovawart's got skills with kids

Extremely affectionate and protective, he would risk his own life for a member of his family but without attacking. Their heroism and loyalty has been documented in history. Have you ever heard of the Ordensritterburg Castle of Germany? Torched to the ground and invaded, the son of the castle lord was rescued by their Hovawart, who dragged the boy to the safety of a neighbouring castle.

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