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The Smooth Fox Terrier, A Feisty Companion

Small but mighty

There’s nothing better than a furry and feisty little breed to start the week with! Meet Archie in our video, an eight year old Smooth Fox Terrier showing a keen expression and fearless wagging tail. As we know, terriers were originally bred to chase small furry animals… So going by his name can you guess what their speciality was? 

Foxes! So if you’re in search for an independent mind and bold character then this is your dog!

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What makes them a terrier?

Let’s talk a bit of linguistics here. The name terrier is from the French terre derived from the Latin terra meaning earth.They were used to control small game such as rats, rabbits and foxes above and below ground.

What is the difference between the Smooth and Wired hair Fox Terrier?

First, they were both bred in England and Ireland but independently from each other, so they are thought of as more “cousins” than being directly related to each other. Second the coat of course. While their colours are similar (black and tan with occasional white spotting) we have a flat, smooth, yet hard and dense appearance versus a dense wiry texture.

Do they need a lot of care?

The terrier’s smooth hair is fairly easy to groom, needing only the occasional brushing and sheds very little. The Smooth Fox Terrier is a small but very strong dog, with no major health problems.

What are they like to live with?

Curious and vigorous,they are high-energy dogs with bags of character. They love spending their day frolicking in the park and wrestling on the carpet. Their strong family bonds combined with their natural courage make them the cutest but the best watchdog. Though, like any dog, if they don’t get enough exercise you can experience some behavioural problems due to their inquisitive nature. A good hour a day of exercise is enough to keep them healthy and entertained (off lead ideally) and they make fantastic outdoor exploring companions. Treat them well and you’ll have a friend for life!

What else do I need to know?  

Terriers are typically feisty so obedience training is important to establish early on due to their big personality and free spirit. They need firm positive training from an early age to ensure a good socialisation and to teach good manners. Though, it probably still wouldn’t be a good idea to let them loose on a hillside of sheep, as their natural terrier instinct might make a good chase too tempting to resist!

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