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The Yorkshire Terrier aka the Yorkie!

Small in size but big in personality

Eight pounds of pure prettiness - no wonder why the Yorkshire Terrier has stolen the heart of an endless list of celebrities! Remember Audrey Hepburn’s Mr Famous, the classiest pooch ever seen on TV?

First bred around the 1850s to chase small animals, he’s now the king of lapdogs and an easy prey for pampering. However, think further as there’s much more to the breed than good looks. Meet the secretary of the Yorkshire Terrier Club in our video and read the below for some top facts on this beloved breed. 

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When cute meet bossy

Don’t be mistaken by his small size and perky topknot, this easy to carry mini-dog has a high-pitched voice and a hardy character, especially towards intruders and larger dogs. Beware, barking must be controlled from day one, this toy breed must be taught possessiveness on his food and his toys is a no-no. Being a big dog in a small body, he’s always on the go for new adventures. Despite his vigorous terrier attitude, he loves attention and has undying devotion and affection for his people.

A fine apartment dog

They love snuggling into soft pillows! And as long as they get a good play session or a walk around the block, they won’t need much space indoors.

Short or long coat?

While the classic long-coated look is a must-have for the dog show – brushing required twice a day! -  people often chose a short coat when keeping them purely as pets, it’s easier, fresh and not any less cuter! Colour-wise? Just dreamy! While puppies are black & tan, adults get a blue and gold luxurious coat.

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